Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trusting Your Bible

This got another ground from the human perspective to be supported. A bunch of skeptics are going to have to back-track on their words because of this find. Wallace is a very reliable professor.

Water Projects - Missions in action

This article shows some of the work being done on the mission field. Amen. It helps them and gives an opportunity for Jesus to be heard.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Islamic Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

It turns out that Mubarak being gone in Egypt is a problem for the US. While he had few friends, yet there was a sort of "status quo" that no one was happy with, but at the same time kept things sort of in check. The previously discouraged Muslim Brotherhood, which when I traveled there in Egypt before, was hindered from full actions and political tools, is now rising in new power, to a simple majority position. They are a radical form of Islam. That is a quick change of things given the long history over there with them being kept out of the political machinery in recent decades.

Who cares? In short, for Christians over there, it is going to be increasingly challenging as Muslim Brotherhood is not tolerant of Christians, and will want to impose the extra tradition driven restrictions and extra taxes on non-Muslims (like Christians and Jews) and a hundred other things in their pre-modern law. While this is not the most recent news, it doesn't take someone much brain power to see what is coming soon after they start to assert a different set of values:

More than likely, Egypt will go from one set of difficulties for Christians to en entirely other set of difficulties for Christians. This will factor into both safety visiting there and also Christian work there in the future by Egyptians.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Contraception and Church Affiliated Entities

It is a hot topic now that the Roman Catholic church's entities, such as hospitals and so forth, may have to pay for employees to have access to the same kind of contraception Obama would like. While obviously some contraception is not a big deal to most Protestants (unlike Catholicism where it is not recommended for its faithful), some contraception is absolutely anathema to us Protestants too. The Word of God points to life as beginning at conception, which I'll just state relying on the many excellent long, thoughtful defenses of this by natural theologians of Christian churches. Some contraceptives can cause a very early stage abortion. These therefore are (even if in a small number of cases) killing unborn children, at the expense of a church entity. Protestants of all stripes that believe in the whole Word of God, rather than making themselves little gods that know which parts are good for them, must stand with the Roman Catholics on this and for different reasons. We cannot be supporting abortion when passages like Psalm 139 indicate God's view on when life begins. This is a religious, spiritual issue for life. Theologically, it is combining worship of a false god (like Molech in the Old Testament where people sacrificed their young, and in war killed the unborn in a womb with hooks) with worship of the one true God to ask a church, or any Christian private business owner, to have to fund abortions. Literally, even if this effort reaches an appeasement with the Roman Catholic church as an organization or Protestants of similar conviction, it will still be theologically raping the conscience of Protestant and Catholic private business owners who will have to pay for (in some cases, small in number as they may be) abortions at a very very early stage of childhood development. This is an infringement on the 1st Amendment of even private business owners, not merely a religious 501(c) 3 entity. This is a disturbing turn in our country and essentially marks the end of a person's rights to worship God by protecting the youngest lives. If someone wants to have a contraceptive pill or medicine that might in a number of cases kill children at the youngest stage, then they perhaps can pay for it ENTIRELY themselves. This would be a move in the right direction at least. As it stands now, many people more than simply the Roman Catholic church are funding abortions as an option in healthcare that is not the only option. See William Cutrer books for more info on why Christians CANNOT support certain types (not all or most) contraceptives.

Please check out these for more solid information: