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Antony Flew Passes

T he philosopher Antony Flew died on April 8th, 2010. He had been a lifelong atheist, but recently decided arguments for God's existence were compelling. He adopted something like a deistic creator view of God as a result. He had dialogues with persons such as NT Wright over the resurrection, but to my knowledge Flew did not become a Christ follower in any meaningful sense. This is a sad thing. It is a reminder to us all that we must make sure of our salvation and our calling today. There is never a promise of how long we have and our life must be one that is not fearful, but certain that we know a great Savior Jesus Christ. An article on his death is here:,0,4059881.story

Speaking and Writing

F or academic researchers in US and Canadian circles or those heralding the gospel in the same, there are two great resources for quality writing. One of the works is called Elements of Style by Strunk and the other is Style by Joseph Williams. These two books are short, to the point, and offer significant checks on our writing style. They are equally relevant to the goal of speaking in a clear way with an English audience. Elements of Style could be read in one afternoon. Style is something you could read in three settings (if you made a good effort of it). The work by Williams takes into account cultural trends in the USA as far as assumptions people hold when writing and reading. The way that a sentence is heard is also explored by Williams. Neither book will break your bank account and will be rewarding for clarity in reviews, essays, research papers, sermons, and newsletters.