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God Is Present to Bless You

D o you ever doubt God?  Be sure you have the right 'god' in mind.  God by definition as the one true God will be there to bless you.  In the Old Testament, God helped Israel as a people see that he was the true God because he actually answered prayers in his way.  Thus, from God's view, an idol by definition cannot move to help, or hear, Isaiah 46.  God states plainly (and He would know):  "for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me."  This is right after having said that alternative 'gods' of the people of the earth do not truly exist because they are unable to deliver. Today you should walk in the promise when you read this, God's promise:  "My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose."  (emphasis mine)  The way to remember this is to remember what happened to those who sinned (Isaiah 46:3, 8, 10, 11b).  This will help you when you feel the tendency to wander off from righteous living to re

Leading as a Husband - from Dr. Stuart Scott

On the web people come across things that impact their life for good or ill.  I hope you've stumbled on this and it will be a blessing from God to you, especially today to Christian husbands. In Dr. Stuart Scott's book for small group use, couples study or counseling, called Exemplary Husband, he lays out the difference between a husband living in natural, fallen leadership versus spiritual, in Christ leadership.  You can find it at Barnes & here . The natural, fallen man is the only one making his decisions, enjoys commanding others, motivated only by personal considerations, and so on.  The spiritually wise husband is confident because he's confident in God, not himself, he knows God, he seeks to find God's will and info on decisions, is motivated by God's love and love for man, and so on.  That's an excerpt from the way one of the chapters in the book, on leading, starts out. This style of leadership a Christian husband is to have some che

Loving Your Wife - from Dr. Stuart Scott

In an excellent book on marriage, Dr. Stuart Scott, formerly of Grace Community Church with John MacArthur in California, but now serving in Louisville, Kentucky, he challenges husbands on their love. The book is The Exemplary Husband. If you are a husband seeking to better love your wife as God would have you, go ahead and buy this book at Barnes & Noble or a local Lifeway Store, you will see a pay off from the investment. Scott tackles what you've probably felt at some point, from a combination of the world's encouragement, your own sinful leanings, and bad advice:  false views of love of a husband for his wife. Examples in the book: 1.) Romantic feelings defines all of love.  Some people get this wrong, he elaborates on it in here. 2.) Physical attraction defines all of love.  A lot of people today end it when they don't "feel" attracted to their spouse.  That is not God's plan, since love then would be pure selfishness. 3.) Sex=love.  While