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The Gospel & The Reformation

      This weekend has had a lesser known holiday attached to it, Reformation Day. Reformation Day remembers the recovery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While it would be hard for many today to imagine, there was a time when access to the Bible itself was limited. In the time of Martin Luther, many did not read the Bible (1483-1546). Even monks who did, often did so only for initiation for a time and then would not read it again. Common church members were often prevented from having the Bible in their native tongue. Untold millions lived under such a neglect of the Word of God.     In time it came about that certain key figures rediscovered the Scripture. They risked their life and safety to read it, translate it, and distribute it in common language. They spent much time in it themselves. From this came the findings of people like Martin Luther. He realized that despite his many good deeds, and religious observations, and trusting other good people, yet God would not accept him. Heav