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Higher View of God - a calling of ours - Isaiah 44-45

As you wake up, especially on the Lord's Day, it might be that you are opening your Bible and listening to the heart of your Father in Heaven on those pages. You might be on a Bible reading plan or at least have some strategy for reading. One day you might be in Isaiah chapters 44-45, hearing what God said through that prophet of old. One of the wonderful things you'd discover is a very high view of God in the life of Isaiah. He was one who knew his own limits, Isaiah chapter 6. Recall that he overheard this powerful song, "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory." That heavenly scene put his own views into perspective. Can I be very up front with you now? We all need that. You need that reminder, I do, we all do, regularly, weekly, even daily. Otherwise, we get prideful. God > Me. That is what Isaiah 44-45 reminds us and reminded the original hearers of too. To God's people, by implication we are all asked as well to &qu