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'No' to Civil Religion, 'Yes' to Jesus!

L iving in the Dallas, Texas area is an interesting thing for a person trying to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior.  There are three difficulties with being/claiming to be a 'Christian,' in the Dallas Metroplex: 1.  Jesus as "kind persons" religion.  Most people, even of diverse religions (say Buddhist, Reformed Jewish, etc), will tell you they are Christian.  Translation for rest of the country, especially non-South:  Claiming to be Christian in Dallas is something like saying you're a "kind" person.  Most people in Dallas area take offense if you say they are not Christian, because they hear it as they are not "kind."  While this is most definitely not how the term should be used, it is common here.  This is very far of course from encompassing all the Bible means when it records Christ followers were called "Christians."  Rating:  widespread.  True?:  a very shallow, off course caricature. 2.  Jesus as "good teacher, prop

How to Avoid Inwardness & Be a Successful Church Story

W hat makes a church inward looking?  What happens when it is inward looking, and forgets the Great Commission outside of its membership? Lifeway has a great little article on how dangerous an introverted attitude can be in a church congregation: