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One of the worst things about society in the US -- unspoken, assumed segregation in churches, by nearly every background. When I was in graduate school many of the professors pointed this error out, rightfully so, that the most segregated place in America is the church on Sunday morning (referring to churches across the USA). It's sad that the God who created all peoples can't be the focus of worship by all peoples together in specific local churches. Sure there are major exceptions, though sadly they are not all that common. The general rule is observed by churchmen and women, and thank the Lord for new believers who don't follow the same rule and are willing to be formed by Jesus Christ and the Father as the potter (Jeremiah 18). What has happened is sad for a more important reason than many think too: Christians who have gifts from God by the Holy Spirit (encouragement, service, mercy, teaching, leading, administration, evangelism, etc.) tend to use them only with peopl

Multiculturalism Thoughts of Continental Politicians

T here is an interesting trend in Europe. Major politicians are saying that the multiculturalism model has failed, especially in their respective countries. Check this trend out: Click here on Cameron's remarks . Click here on Sarkozy's remarks . Apparently Merkel also made similar comments. It raises some questions for the US. When will this paradigm shift get here too? Which way will the US swing as a result of the paradigm shift? How will that affect change business, family, chuch, and economics? As an update to the above information, Foxnews reports 2-18-11 at 5:50pm cst, on this development in Europe. They had guests comment on it including the Weekly Standard, with the general impression that Europe differs from the US multicultural experience. Still their reasons weren't fully explained before moving onto another topic. It is interesting to see how many things predicted to not have effects elsewhere tend to, especially traveling from the Continent over to the Atla

What Use is Freedom of Speech if you Can't Use it

A major news outlet had an article touching on how a John 3:16 ad painted on a player's face was too offensive for Fox to show to the audience of the Super Bowl 45. See here. Perhaps they were trying to dodge other controversial ads that may try to ride the coat tails of one that isn't, but it raises a question. If the thought police at a network can block even advertising on television, or for that matter radio, what use is free speech? Is free speech now only available on sympathetic small radio stations or the non-viewed TBN health and wealth channel? Is free speech only available in public parks and door to door in a neighborhood? The medium of our time is internet. To this point it is largely free to sharing the gospel, but there have been times when large website companies have done the same type of thing with restricting Christian advertising (a la google on ads a few years back, which I think finally reversed itself). The second and third biggest mediums tv an