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Integrity Matters

     In America in 2021, integrity is often hard to come by. Politicians promise one thing, and then the news reports what they miss and don't fulfill. But people don't trust the media either . A record 56% of Americans believe the media is intentionally misleading them. In other arenas, people promise love to another and then don't mean it. And employees may feel they are in demand, and do less (visit a restaurant in 2021). Other Americans accept benefits and insurance for being unemployed when they could be employed instead, but do not as a lifestyle choice. Even medical doctors are trusted less than they once were , even pre-Covid. And the list goes on. I'm sure any area tested except a minor few would show similar results. All of that is just illustrating a point.      Yet: Integrity matters, but it is elusive in our times. This means we as Christians, as living out our faith, must examine our own hearts and minds to ensure we are people of integrity (Psalm 116:11).

Surrendering to Ministry - Seminaries to Attend

So maybe the Lord has lead you to surrender to ministry. Wonderful! Congratulations.  If so, that is a great calling, to aspire to be an overseer, 1st Timothy chapter 3. Paul commends that. Next steps? Often today a person will go to a Bible college or seminary to get doctrinal, leadership, and evangelism foundations.  But there is a dilemma: where? A large number of schools exist for theological education, but there are some top choices.  While talking to a wider group of friends lately, I've had some ask, "where should they go for a Bible degree or seminary?" It's a fair question. But posing it is easier than answering it, due to the mixed theological environment today among professors and administrators.  It is much harder than it once was, to keep track of a "good choice" of seminary/Bible college.  When you are asked that today, in mid-2021, the answer may differ from even five years ago. The rise of CRT, identity politics, and changing denominational o