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Gallup "Religiosity Index"

A recent study of 2011 Religiosity came out by Gallup. Here are the results: Some of the conclusions are a bit strange, but it measures religiosity in general, so no surprise. Interestingly, from a solid apologetics perspective, the US is equally religious, but everyone worships something else. One man or woman worships comfort and relaxation over what is normal, one worships approval of friends and peers, another worships a false god of a world religion besides Yahweh.

Secular Television and the Christian Family

Christianity Today magazine has a good article offering three views on how parents should see secular television for children. This is a thought-provoking and informative article.

Jesus & US Constitution Artist a Mormon - Advocating Mormon Doctrine...

There is an artist (John McNaughton) who has become very popular in the culture among those identifying as conservatives.   This artist tries to combine religion and politics in a work. As no one is neutral, either liberal or conservative or independent, it is always useful to ask: where is he coming from? I'm interested in this from the religion / faith angle. When you watch the video he has about a piece, there is a "Jesus" combined with American figures such as portrayed by some of the Founders and JFK and a soldier around Jesus.  This artist has a voice-over in the background, which says that the constitution of the USA is "divinely inspired." Boom!  This is code. This is a dead giveaway of classic Mormon theology, which holds that belief uniquely to my knowledge (I know some forms of liberal theology have long-ago, but even though some of those ancients are around, that is pretty much a dead enterprise in theology (thankfully)). Conservative Prote