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A Weekend Reminder

 As you are taking in your weekend, remember that in these crazy times we all live in, it is good to rest and find refuge in the LORD. According to Proverbs 18:10, there is a promise for that. Are you doing this? Return to it, if not, and God will receive you!

Gallup Poll: Membership in USA Churches Lowest in Decades

 A recent set of polling data of the United States found that church membership (and other religious groups) is at the lowest it has been in decades. A significant drop in membership occurred from the 1998-2000 range to today. Over two decades a supermajority (around 70-73%) claiming membership in a church, synagogue, etc., went to less than half the article reports (47%).  Now the research is more broad than say a George Barna poll that is more focused on evangelical churches. However, the hard work of the people at Gallup is still useful to gauge what is happening in our culture and our time. Most of us in sharing the Gospel individually and in church life, are not completely surprised by the following poll data: The article may be found at: This speaks to several factors as Gallup also reports. They mention the rise of the "Nones," persons who claim no religious membership or prefer