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Church Locality - by Jim Tomberlin and Tim Cool - a review

In the practical book Church Locality, Jim Tomberlin and Tim Cool offer insights into current church building trends and rules.  Some of these rules include how much children's square footage you will need for a building renovated or a build project.  (pg 115-116)  There are very helpful pointers on chairs per square feet for planning a new location.  This kind of common sense advice is hard to come by and is appreciated in such a book. Other rules include how cities tend to interact with churches today and community perception of churches coming into their area with a building.  There are practical suggestions such as having a parking lot ministry.  This is not strictly tied to having your own building, but also any situation such as being in a portable church scenario. A good portion of the initial advice is for those starting multi-site or church plant locations that are rental.  If you are in the early stages of church planting this will be new info that makes the book wort

The Cost of Discipleship

In a Christian classic book, The Cost of Discipleship, Dietrich Bonhoeffer states of believers:  "they simply bear the suffering which comes their way as they try to follow Jesus Christ, and bear it for his sake.  Sorrow cannot tire them or wear them down, it cannot embitter them or cause them to break down under the strain; far from it, for they bear their sorrow in the strength of him who bears them up, who bore the whole suffering of the world on the cross." Christian, does this describe you today?  Are you letting Christ bear you up?  I pray you will.  Be strong in the Lord!