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Question for Readers on Simon the Sorcerer in Luke's Book of Acts

T his week I was studying, for another reason, the issue of Simon's response in the Book of Acts chapter 8. It struck me that Simon the Sorcerer, after seemingly following the 'Way,' then makes a crazy offer to Peter to buy the gift of the Holy Spirit; when he saw this was given by laying on of hands at that juncture. Now here's the question part: There is a theological position some hold that is called 'theonomy.' A theonomist generally holds that the Old Testament Law is applicable to Civil Law today. They don't think we are Israel or anything like that, as I understand them (and I'm open to correction on this). But they do want the examples of the penalities to have fair informative roles in decisions today. So if Simon is a sorcerer, and he seems to believe, and then offers this thing that sounds blasphemous, to buy the Holy Spirit gift; would a theonomist argue that Simon would have rightly been condemned under a death penalty of some sort equival

The Self-Attesting Christ of Scripture--Worthy of Worship

W hen it comes to the world, it is not comfortable to be a person lacking a relationship with Jesus Christ. Sure there are things that bring joy or sadness to anyone. But lasting joy and abundant life here and hereafter are in Christ Jesus alone. It is the God who has spoken to us in His Son that Scripture reveals; and that changes us. Christ Jesus changes us as we learn that He loves sinners who are willing to heed His call. Christ Jesus changes us when we know that He has deep compassion for the hurting, the downcast, the sin strapped and the guilt ridden conscience to be set free. It is my sincere hope that anyone reading this will take a challenge, read the Gospel of Matthew or the Gospel of John; get acquainted with the Son of God who so willingly came and laid down His life so that we might live; along with Him, as we unite our trust to Him alone.