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The Importance of Rest - Summer edition

Maybe you relate to the vast majority of Americans who take too few days off of work, and feel guilty for taking vacation.  If you have not been taking a Sabbath Day off ( a day of rest each week ) the summer is a great time to catch up. Decide to take a few days off of work so that you can honor the Lord, by resting from work an appropriate amount.  That ability to excuse yourself from needing any rest is risky.  Along with lack of proper regular rest, you can face burnout.  This will not honor God, will lead to health problems, and even make your work less productive when you are there. A day of rest does not have to be expensive.  Nor does it have to be staying at home.  If you are stuck in a chair doing accounting or programming or evaluating numbers, your day of rest might be getting out and getting active.  For someone who thinks of rest as an expensive vacation, perhaps if that's you, you can try a stay cation that is less of a burden. Taking rest is part of Creation&#