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Thought Police

It seems that Apple has tried to be the 'thought police' to a perfect American tolerant of all but Christians viewpoint again:

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Exodus International is as far as I can tell a well-known national agency. It doesn't cure anyone of anything, but offers an alternative expression that happens to be in line with the Christian tradition for those interested in getting away from one way of living and stepping onto the selective way of Christ instead. Is there a reason that Apple is selective in its allowance of applications? This is one more example of why neutrality in culture, or tolerance, or business is a pure myth like a 'unicorn' existing. Apple is no more neutral than Exodus or than LGBT. Apple just has bent to the pressure of the side it is favorable to. You know, I have heard that there are some tablet alternatives coming out from Samsung and also Blackberry that are faster...

Spending Priorities as We Look Back on the Year

According to Ken Hemphill, a former seminary President, and now professor; income for overseas missions work through six hundred agencies, inter and denominational, totaled 2.9 billion in 2002. What else received more money than seeking and saving the lost souls of humankind in 2002? Movie tickets received 9 billion. 38 billion was spent on various state lotteries. 23 billion was spent in domestic pet related stores. He then asks the question: if these are staggering insights, what will we do with them? A good question....