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Habits of Grace by David Mathis

T he Christian book, Habits of Grace , by David Mathis provides a great reminder and set of new challenges for a Christian seeking to sharpen their spiritual disciplines. There is the reminder to preach to yourself the gospel, page 41.  This helps us find responses to life in our fallen world Mathis states.  We must pause and take in the truth of the gospel, great advice, even as long time Christ followers. Beyond merely 'inductive Bible study' he recommends asking an old saint how they read the Bible.  This often includes less "formal instruction" and more learning the craft and art of what gets us deeply in God's word.  There is no quick fix program, even though popular programs abound.  A great word in itself there. Meditation on God's Word.  Believers are to reflect deeply on the truth of Scripture.  This is how we apply it.  Merely speed reading or memorizing Scripture is not enough.  We read for depth, but ponder over a section or few verses to dig