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How to Tell You Have a Vision Ready to Use or Share

Vision is critical in your life. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. Sometimes God places you in the realm or position of leading others as well in life. When it comes to casting vision for others, there are some tips from various sources that can help you. As an example, Brian Dodd with Injoy teaches that you can know you have vision to start, when you can speak about the vision without notes. So unlike a normal sermon or message, when vision is so clear to the leader, then, it is clear to the audience as it is conveyed from the heart. Vision is not just history. Vision is “crisply” sharing today your heart to people, in a short compelling way. Compelling would motivate the sacrifice needed. What makes your vision compelling at this time? In response to a situation of a need, Nehemiah had vision that was based in God’s heart as well. In his own time, he owned the vision, to help those who were in need in Jerusalem back home. Nehemiah 1 reveals his heart forming v

Bible Reading Plan 2019

Whatever your situation in 2019, you can and will be blessed by God if you resolve to be in God’s Word regularly.  A daily Bible reading plan can be obtained from some trustworthy ministries, and so the process of choosing one is easy. Check out this set of plans from here: Another great resource is here: There may be some reading this, who want to start the NT and read it, you would really benefit from this plan: Then, you may want to use time as a measure too, and there are some like these available: In looking over these, my hope for you is that you find one that speaks to where you are, and encourages you.  God’s Word is rich, and every year you can and will gain much from the Lord through reading in the Bible. Th