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Pilgrim's Ties to a Historic US Church

This is an interesting article that is worth the read on Thanksgiving. Click here for history of an American church branch to the Pilgrims of Plymouth . Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

First Things magazine article

First Things magazine serves as a kind of cultural engagement piece for pastors around the USA and even in the Western world.  Many Christian thinkers and teachers read it to know what is going on, what current discussions are, and other insights. An editor named RR Reno of First Things , recently published a shocking type tone article/piece for such a major US cultural engagement magazine ( click here for this ). In it he argues for a sort of fall back to the lines approach, where we look out for those in and coming to churches rather than the whole US culture's well-being.  This is more a 'defensive' Christian teaching/praxis posture as the coverage uses that word. For more generalist coverage of it, see ( here ).  The thinking behind such an article seems to have really fully taken over some large evangelical denominations, such as the SBC with Russell Moore, head of its division the ERLC, where seeing Christian values in laws or society has taken a backseat to mo

Billy Graham...

From a work by Rev. Franklin Graham on his evangelist dad's sayings, maybe this will help someone out there: "What is the authority of your life?  Is it your selfishness?  Your lust?  Your greed?  Or have you turned it all over to God and said, "Lord, You are going to be my authority"?  When you are under authority, you are then able to assume authority."