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The Veteran Retired Economist Tells the Real Story

Since he is no longer on the job, Greenspan offers a realistic insight into the country's economy.  His vast experience through decades helping the US economy grows gives weight to his opinion. Click here for Greenspan's latest comments .

Should Bible Believing Churches Recommend Thomas Kempis?

Thomas Kempis is one of those famed writers in mid Christian history.  His book Imitation of Christ was in the past one of the best selling books besides the Bible. It should be said there are portions of The Imitation of Christ that sound good.  In fact, one could get some great ideas out of a page here or a page there. It should also be known that if Kempis wrote the book, their community lived faith idea is important.  A group of friends sought to live godly lives.  Others have definitely taught this, but in general we can commend this. But on the whole, what should we think?  Is it worth making a recommended book to friends? I've come to the conclusion that there are some serious reasons for a Christian person to avoid recommending Kempis' writing... 1. First of all, there is a question of who wrote it.  This complicates what is said in the book since it may not be someone's devotions.  This article will still refer to it as written by Thomas Kempis, but some