What's in a blog?

Being aware of the cultures in our Western world gives clarity to the writer and reader.  That means exploring other opinions and thoughts so as to interact.  It is also about growing in faith in Christ.

I blog for the kingdom of Jesus.  Jesus brought a great salvation, and He died in the place of sinners that you might be set free from the power of sin.  God's promise to you is if you will put your trust in the work of Jesus on the cross, and the person of Jesus (son of God, son of man) and be saved.

This salvation is abundant life now and is freedom from the second death which is punishment for shaking our metaphorical fists at God (sometimes literally).

In more normal work, I serve as a lead pastor at a church that loves Jesus our Lord & Savior.

We admit that Christ followers are not perfect people.  I don't claim to be perfect.  We aim by faith
 to pursue Jesus' self revelation of the one True and Living God in the Bible.

Are we sure we can have 'truth'?  God gave languages (Genesis chapter 11) so that with a Sovereign God and His will to give us language we definitely have real Truth.  Plus, Jesus the Son of God came in the flesh to declare truth (Ephesians chapter 2, verse 7).  As such, Christ followers can discern how to live over time and this is worth sharing.  We try to pursue His life model and command in our attitude and heart passion.

The only question is what is God saying to you?  Maybe this imperfect pilgrim can help you think through what God is going to do in your life.  Blessings.

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