Interacting with the Truth

Growth in our faith requires honesty about issues and challenges of our time. This blog occasionally tackles some of those issues from different angles. Some posts will be Bible study like, some history, and some another. 

I blog for the kingdom of Jesus to stay in touch with others or give them a spark of what God might show them in a passage or another Christian's experience.  Jesus brought a great salvation by His work, and He died in the place of sinners that you might be set free (Galatians 5).  God's promise to you is if you will put your trust in the work of Jesus on the cross, and the person of Jesus (son of God, son of man), you will be saved as you call on Him (Romans 10:10, 13).

This salvation is abundant life now and is freedom from the second death which is punishment for shaking our metaphorical fists at God (sometimes literally). (see also Romans 4-5; John 3:16-17; Acts 4:12)

In more normal work, I serve as Senior Pastor in a local Protestant, Evangelical, Baptist Church.

This blog isn't perfect. We admit that Christ followers are not perfect people, but we're growing.  Each day as God's mercy renews, we all again aim by faith to pursue Jesus. God's self revelation in the Bible is a love letter to you.

Some object. How can you be certain? Are we sure we can have 'Truth'?  

Yes. Language is not merely cultural. Nor is your mind. God gave languages (Genesis chapter 11) so that with the living God, He willed language. The Lord also gives us thought, Daniel 4:28-37, as he shows through examples. The Christian view is that the Lord gives reason to life, Acts 17.
Since, Jesus the Son of God came in the flesh to declare truth (Ephesians chapter 2, verse 7), we also believe that Truth invaded the darkness of this world with Light.  As such, salvation can be known, and Christ followers can discern how to live over time in the Bible, and this message is also then worth sharing. It can be communicated, through various means. So speaking truth matters, in the end. We try to pursue Jesus more accurately, hear His command in our attitude and heart passions, and draw near to be encouraged and refreshed.

This blog will take pieces of the truth and interact with them.  Maybe this imperfect pilgrim can help you think through what God is going to do in your life. Or you can sharpen me too, Proverbs 27:17. The dialogue or discussion can be useful and profitable. 

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