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God's Guiding Action

I t is interesting how we fret and worry in light of how God has plans to work things out His way. In life we so easily forget the pointlessness of worry, since not even a sparrow falls apart from the Father's plan. We are far more valuable than that as humans carry the imago Dei, the image of God, through how He created us. How much more then, will things like changes in a job, moving from place to place, connections we all have changing, or the way finances turn out be used of God for good. The wonderful thing about how God works is it is subtle enough that it requires faith, but looking back at what He has done we can strengthen our faith for tomorrow. Nehemiah was ridiculed, but God got him through it (Nehemiah 4). Joseph was cruely treated by those closest to him in a way meant for evil result (Genesis 45:5). Yet God had a plan in that. Looking at this devotionally, there are so often hidden dangers we miss when looking at and planning our futures. Yet as Romans 8:38 sa

Florida "Dove World Outreach"'

T he situation in the news with "Dove World Outreach" (ironic name) has become a hot topic of conversation. It has been hyped up by the media that a pastor at that small (24 year old, nondenominational) church is doing a Qur'an burning. Apparently he says the bonfire they are going to build will go on this week as planned desipte attention drawing widespread criticism. Now to the point here, it seems that one would be hard pressed to find any endorsement of the reaons that Terry Jones their pastor is doing this in the New Testament pages. It would take some non-existent example such as Paul burning a bunch of books on a Roman Caesar's life or Timothy burning copies of the Artmesian worship manual. No such example exists, and reading the reports that I've seen in several places ( here and here and here ) I don't see any clear biblical church reasoning for Jones' motivation. It seems that Terry Jones is following a political motive. This motive is to po