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Five Things for Good Church Signage

While it is often said that the website is the front door of a church today, there is also the real possibility your church's sign can draw in or repel guests. While there is nothing that makes a church better off spiritually about a sign along the street or on a building, it can repel passerby's and make them resent a church.  Over several years this can bring about less first time guests and then create negative talk about your church in the community. What do you need to look for putting together a great church sign? 1.  Make the logo small.  You might think your logo is really great, but most people do not care.  The real purpose of a sign is to convey to someone who doesn't know all about your logo what is really there.  It should say "so and so church." 2.  Do not try to put every detail on a sign.  The more words, the smaller they all must be, and then the less you can make the main point, which is to identify what church it is.  The classic example