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Cash Home Buyers at High Percentage Affects Planting Strategy

The market before us: Cash buying . Feb 2011. Cash buying . June 2011. This means people are anxious and worried whether they say so openly or not, when it comes to homeownership, retirement, paying for childrens future at college, private school, and so on. This equates to uncertainty for those who are renting on whether they want to buy or are able to buy depending on job changes and risks of loss of job. This equates to low level giving by some who have not learned to trust God thru it all and adjust spending. This trend means that people are mobile in their metroplex. They may rent wherever it makes sense or is close to work rather than where they want to live long-term. People are shifting locations, or if they can't sell their home if they are underwater, they are looking to downsize if they can get out of it by chance/hope. This factors into how to minister to such persons or how to try or not try to catch up to them as they transition around. This trend means that the econo

Why a 'Church' Might Not Grow

Some churches don't grow because they are in areas that are evacuating. Some don't grow because they don't reach those who are newly arriving around them. Others don't grow because outreach is not favorable to them, but only keeping those who already know each other as the priority at all costs. But at the heart of some, they may not grow if they pray this prayer: Our Father who is in heaven Hallowed be our name Our kingdom come, our will be done On committees as it is in heaven Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our errors (notice there is not a mention of turning from 'sin') As we forgive others their errors Lead us not into temptations our tradition (denom.) despises (but others are ok...) Deliver us from evil (except our favorite sins such as gossip, slander, malice and backbitting) Amen (let it be). Hmmm...

Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting 2011

The SBC 2011 was a meeting held in Phoenix, AZ the past few days, in order to continue international and national missions giving and planning. Other news discussed in that meeting include funding, upkeep, and progress reports from evangelical seminaries and a committee on ethics/religion. A new first vice president was elected whom I hear is being positioned for a potential president of the SBC meeting in 2012. This individual apparently excites a number of the messengers to the SBC for a return to some historic Baptist principles in some areas, according to the 9 Marks breakout session Tuesday night at 9pm. Kevin Ezell previously senior pastor of Highview Baptist Chuch in Louisville, KY and now the new president of the North American Mission Board presented a report/challenge for more church planting as a way that NAMB can impact our culture. He also brought in a solid line-up of testimonies of what giving to missions in Canada/the USA can do to help people come to know Jesus Christ