Cash Home Buyers at High Percentage Affects Planting Strategy

The market before us:

Cash buying. Feb 2011.

Cash buying. June 2011.

This means people are anxious and worried whether they say so openly or not, when it comes to homeownership, retirement, paying for childrens future at college, private school, and so on.

This equates to uncertainty for those who are renting on whether they want to buy or are able to buy depending on job changes and risks of loss of job.

This equates to low level giving by some who have not learned to trust God thru it all and adjust spending.

This trend means that people are mobile in their metroplex. They may rent wherever it makes sense or is close to work rather than where they want to live long-term. People are shifting locations, or if they can't sell their home if they are underwater, they are looking to downsize if they can get out of it by chance/hope. This factors into how to minister to such persons or how to try or not try to catch up to them as they transition around.

This trend means that the economy is not as strong as these articles make it seem as if cash is propping things up. It is, but only from a risk perspective. These buyers are suggesting they'll make back their investment. However, the larger millenial generation isn't into buying right now only the smaller Gen x. They'll have to wait a while to make it back, except by rent. They will be extended on their own monies.

Much to consider even beyond this...


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