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Is All Prayer the Same?

As National Day of Prayer approaches this week, we need to remember that not all prayer is godly. That sounds obvious right?  But it isn't.  Even in legitimate churches full of mainly genuine Christ followers, prayer can be off course, not directed to God but our own selves accidentally.  Our sinful tendency can make us think we are praying and doing God's will. What we really need is prayer rooted in a desire to see God's character in real life. Two illustrations this week reminded me that God looks at the heart.  A heart that is right with God must be right with Jesus Christ His Son.  This is more than a one time profession of faith when you were eight years old as we so often portray it.  Yes, there is a time you come to know Jesus as your own Savior, realizing he forgave your sins, and you personally trust Him (John 10:1-18).  But we must fight inside our heart for holy character.  These illustrations are of people in two different situations.  One is of a person