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Tornado Relief Efforts North Texas

In Christian Ethics, when something bad happens (especially such as a storm damage situation) there is an opportunity to do good as God's people.  Since this world is fallen, we have that opportunity.  If there had been no fall, and storms and people only did good, we would not be able to do greater good in return. This opportunity is being seized on in the East Dallas area.  The tornado system that hit Garland and Rowlett in particular has created a large group of people caring for those hurt by the storm.  So often we hear about the need for American churches to do more good.  There actually is an amazing amount of work always going on through church ministries.  But this storm illustrates how greater good is able to be done to help those whose homes and livelihoods were affected.  The number of churches including ours serving in various ways is truly a blessing to see in action. What a great testimony to the stepping up to do good, even when great troubles have come. This

Knowing vs. Knowing

To illustrate the difference between knowing something is true and just believing it 'knowing', take this example: Jesus tells us we will not know the day or hour of his return, Matthew 24:36. Yet it seems fair to assume someone always thinks today or tomorrow or this week Jesus may return. But just because they believe it, even when it does happen, does not mean they "knew" it would happen in another sense. God bless!