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Proverbs for Parenting Wisdom

Raising kids is tough work.  A Christian parent has to rest in God's grace for mistakes, but at the same time rise to the occasion to instruct, counsel and protect. As a parent / grandparent you want to 'check up' on how you're doing as a family with God's will. The Book of Proverbs gives a really good synopsis of some parenting principles. They are generally true, not absolutely true. Here are a few points with Scriptures that would really help in this: 1. Fear. Are you as a dad or mom fearing God as you should?  Or do you fear a parent's approval, or a friend's approval or a cultural human pressure to put something else you believe before God? "In the fear of the LORD there is strong confidence, and his children have confidence." ~ Proverbs 14:26. 2. Lies. As a parent, do you speak truth regularly?  Do you lie as a habit?  If you find yourself telling lies, be assured your kids will pick up on it and feel the same liberty to do s