Proverbs for Parenting Wisdom

Raising kids is tough work.  A Christian parent has to rest in God's grace for mistakes, but at the same time rise to the occasion to instruct, counsel and protect.

As a parent / grandparent you want to 'check up' on how you're doing as a family with God's will.

The Book of Proverbs gives a really good synopsis of some parenting principles.
They are generally true, not absolutely true.

Here are a few points with Scriptures that would really help in this:

1. Fear.

Are you as a dad or mom fearing God as you should?  Or do you fear a parent's approval, or a friend's approval or a cultural human pressure to put something else you believe before God?

"In the fear of the LORD there is strong confidence, and his children have confidence." ~ Proverbs 14:26.

2. Lies.

As a parent, do you speak truth regularly?  Do you lie as a habit?  If you find yourself telling lies, be assured your kids will pick up on it and feel the same liberty to do so.

"A righteous person hates falsehood, but a wicked man acts disgustingly and shamefully." ~ Proverbs 13:5.

Not only is it a risk for you getting the truth later, if you let lies slip yourself, but you're creating a child who becomes an adult other people will not trust.  That adult may also become a person who is prescribed prescription meds for routine lying, when perhaps it is just a spiritual matter of discipline that is lacking in training up a child in the way he/she should go.

3. Pride.

Many parents brag about their stuff compared to other peers, like they have the nicer SUV or house.  Some brag about how 'holy' or 'righteous' they are, reliving the Pharisee weakness in the 21st century.  They always act like they've got it figured out when they really do not (past outward image).  Some parents even make arrogance or bragging about kids a big deal, and create chaos at sporting events for kids.  Maybe it's just an attitude of "I'm better than this" towards a kid.  Pride goes before a fall the Bible says, but also it says this from Solomon-

"The LORD will tear down the house of the proud...."  ~ Proverbs 15:25a.

That doesn't sound so good, better to seek humility like Moses, like Mary, like Job, like Paul.

"Everyone who is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD, assuredly he will not go unpunished." ~ Proverbs 16:5.

This punishment is discipline for a true Christian, but simply judgment without promise of restoration for the person rejecting salvation in Christ.  Regardless, the consequences would effect kids too, financially, emotionally, and in potential relationship IQ.

4. Being self-pitying or depressive.

Many Americans are on anti-depressants.  Some of this is chemically caused, but it's not unfair to say a good chunk of it is a spiritual matter leading to chemical changes.  On this angle, you need to choose to make your emotions what God says by seeing your situations and relationships and standing in life the way God does, valued, justified, heard, guided by God past other people's failings and sins.  Adopting this view allows you to bless your kids too, and lead them by example.

"Bright eyes gladden the heart, good news puts fat on the bones." ~ Proverbs 15:30.

Realize that your choice about how to perceive where you stand in life effects kiddos.

5. Cursing mocking / scoffing at others, including your parents.

People mock and scoff at a lot of things.  God, neighbors, kids, spouse, politicians, and more.

The Lord rejects the attitude in a man or woman of mocking or scoffing at others, authorities, or people they dislike.  People who do this in their marriage, tear it down.  People do this before their kids or to their kids too.  It's like exasperating a kid to make fun of them, Ephesians 6.

"He who curses his mother or father, his lamp will go out in a time of darkness." ~ Proverbs 20:20.

When difficulty comes, being like that only makes things dangerous.

When scoffing is present, there is contention and strife, Proverbs 22:10.  With a child you can stop scoffing as an example, and discipline them to not do it.  If you refuse to, you should expect your adult child to have a hard life.  Do you want that for them?  I hope not, lay it aside.

6.  Greediness.

In our time, contentment with building wealth God's way is low.  People are unfaithful, lovers of self, and arrogant, all of which work against real wealth accumulation.  Greed plays in by feeding these and itself tearing down a person's godly ability, one cannot serve God and the god of money.

"The treacherous will be caught by their own greed" so says Solomon in Proverbs 11:6.

So turn from greed, trust God with your hard work.

Ponder all of these and pray about them, see what God shows you.


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