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Institute for Creation Research

M y wife and I had a chance to visit the local conference put on by First Dallas and the Institute for Creation Research. It was a very informative short conference. The first and last 'lecture' were worldview matters by Henry Morris, III. And in between those were 'lectures/talks' on the complexity of life. That was apparently the last conference of its type called "Demand the Evidence" for 2009. However, for anyone curious about such issues, or willing to explore the matter of God's creation and His fingerprints on it; you can sign for the ones they will no doubt have in 2010. I would recommend brining some money for their bookstore, as there are good ICR and also Answers in Genesis authored books. I also understand they will ship them back to you if you don't want to carry them around the conference. The main message of this one seemed to be: the evidence is interpreted by God's Word, here are solid explanations of how these things cann

Intelligent Design Conference

T here is a great opportunity to learn more about the Intelligent Design movement with Institute for Creation Research associated persons coming up this weekend. First Baptist Dallas has the conference hosted there. Students get a discount. At the least, it will be an opportunity to deepen the dialogue on the important matter of creation theology....

Systematic Theology - Providence

W hen it comes to theology, after the doctrine of God, Scripture and the Trinity; there is a place to raise the question of how do we define (as Christians) the doctrine of Divine Providence? There are varied definitions in place in denominations and churches, but orthdox Christians must affirm at least: that God is actively involved with His creation. We do not serve a deistic 'god' who has left things alone; no longer interacting with the universe. We serve a personal God who has revealed in history His plan and person and work. There is also the question of does God continually create (as I understand at least now J Edwards America's famed preacher held and another figure I believe by the name Keim today in Europe's theology scene)? Or is He preserving what He has already created, preserving what was and the processes that arrange properties and forms (currently popular Baptist / Bible church theologian favorite W. Grudem, or recently popular Baptist author / th