Systematic Theology - Providence

When it comes to theology, after the doctrine of God, Scripture and the Trinity; there is a place to raise the question of how do we define (as Christians) the doctrine of Divine Providence? There are varied definitions in place in denominations and churches, but orthdox Christians must affirm at least: that God is actively involved with His creation. We do not serve a deistic 'god' who has left things alone; no longer interacting with the universe. We serve a personal God who has revealed in history His plan and person and work. There is also the question of does God continually create (as I understand at least now J Edwards America's famed preacher held and another figure I believe by the name Keim today in Europe's theology scene)? Or is He preserving what He has already created, preserving what was and the processes that arrange properties and forms (currently popular Baptist / Bible church theologian favorite W. Grudem, or recently popular Baptist author / theologian M. Erickson)? Does anyone want to comment on their view of Providence within the evangelical Christian world? I have in the past held the continual creation view, however, at present it seems to me at least the biblical evidence is with preservation. But I would love to talk to some at church in our 'training union' of sorts what you think or online as well. Colossians 1:17.


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