Institute for Creation Research

My wife and I had a chance to visit the local conference put on by First Dallas and the Institute for Creation Research. It was a very informative short conference. The first and last 'lecture' were worldview matters by Henry Morris, III. And in between those were 'lectures/talks' on the complexity of life. That was apparently the last conference of its type called "Demand the Evidence" for 2009. However, for anyone curious about such issues, or willing to explore the matter of God's creation and His fingerprints on it; you can sign for the ones they will no doubt have in 2010. I would recommend brining some money for their bookstore, as there are good ICR and also Answers in Genesis authored books. I also understand they will ship them back to you if you don't want to carry them around the conference. The main message of this one seemed to be: the evidence is interpreted by God's Word, here are solid explanations of how these things cannot be explained by the contemporary evolutionary explanations, and so boldly speak out about the facts among those you know and in your family. Well worth how much we paid to attend for the quality of speakers and the information countering the prevailing winds of popularity.


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