Higher View of God - a calling of ours - Isaiah 44-45

As you wake up, especially on the Lord's Day, it might be that you are opening your Bible and listening to the heart of your Father in Heaven on those pages. You might be on a Bible reading plan or at least have some strategy for reading.

One day you might be in Isaiah chapters 44-45, hearing what God said through that prophet of old. One of the wonderful things you'd discover is a very high view of God in the life of Isaiah. He was one who knew his own limits, Isaiah chapter 6. Recall that he overheard this powerful song, "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the LORD hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory." That heavenly scene put his own views into perspective. Can I be very up front with you now? We all need that. You need that reminder, I do, we all do, regularly, weekly, even daily. Otherwise, we get prideful.

God > Me. That is what Isaiah 44-45 reminds us and reminded the original hearers of too.

To God's people, by implication we are all asked as well to "Remember" who God is, Isaiah 44.

We are to understand our works and attempts are never God-like in control. People worry about this thing, or that person, or this circumstance, or that thing. But you are not God. God is God. It reminds us of Philippians 4, going to God with our concerns. However, here in Isaiah 44, we must remember God delivers us, not the works of our own hands. Amen. Selah. Praise the Lord.

We learn daily to agree with our Lord, that when He says, "I, the LORD, am the maker of all things," that it is not us. We must rest in Him.

We must admit that we should not quarrel with our Maker, Isaiah 45:9, but rest in Him instead.

Our lives are a journey where we see God's purposes unfold through it all, Isaiah 45:9. He is at work. It is God who saves us, to God be the glory for His great love.

When we need guidance, God speaks what is right, Isaiah 45:19.

When we remember, as we must every day, that we need a Savior and Shepherd, it is the Lord, Isaiah 45:22. No matter what one's background, to the ends of the earth, the LORD hears and loves us.

We can be included in the faith modeled by Abraham long ago, Genesis 15, and be just in God's sight and have the hope of heaven, as God's children if we have faith, Isaiah 45:25.

May this be a reminder to all of us, that God is on the throne, and we are able to relax, have peace, know guidance, and be saved, because of that fact, who God is.



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