Matthew 13

The Lord Jesus teaches people who hear the Word of God have one of several outcomes. The first is they are led to forget the Word of God. The second is people receive the Word of God with joy, but then when persecutions come they turn away from it. The third possibility he lists is a falling away when concerns of the world choke out the Word of God. The fourth response is the Word takes root in the heart via understanding --and-- a return comes out of the change.

It is always an encouragement when doing outreach to understand that spiritual warfare is real. We must pray for those we are trying to reach with the gospel. Further, as much as is possible, we should make those who profess Jesus aware that persecutions do come, and that Jesus was not a millionaire while he was on earth. If possible, this encounter through the Word with a more accurate view of Jesus may save them from destruction as they are spiritually changed in the heart. The last option is the most encouraging. When evangelizing, be aware that people will believe and make the effort worth it. We must never forget this truth as Christians.


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