1st Timothy 4:16

Scripture tells followers of Jesus: Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers. (NIV).

I have heard more and more about the debate over Christianity and Yoga via Albert Mohler's comments, which were engaged with by the Associated Press.

One of Mohler's comments stands out above even the debate among people on Christian faith and Yoga's spiritual background. It is this: "Not one–not a single one–has addressed the theological and biblical issues. There is not even a single protest communication offering a theological argument." (Mohler, Oct. 7th) This is a clear indicator about the type of responses he got (now at 100 respones per hour via his email), no one offered a theological argument. People say "oh it's no big deal." I can think of years and years of being in various churches and hearing little response to engaging with things Christians dabble in. Most of the time in an evangelical type church you will hear persons talk about Jehovah's Witnesses or some such group. You rarely have people critically think through their own activities though. It is that personal watching of one's own doctrine that Mohler is to be commended for, and his detractors need to reevaluate what it means to be an informed follower of Jesus. If what we say is just correct, merely because we are saved, is that not arrogant? Mohler is correct in challenging Christians to think through things with a broad view of Scripture's teachings, rather than "I feel" or "It seems good to me." One always wants to ask in the back of the mind: "how does it seem to God?" Christianity is not merely a religion, just a great religion for suburban or inner ring suburban peoples in the US. It is a system of thought that helps us to serve God in a pure and worthwhile way. Thank you for the challenge to the status quo "religion" with a challenge by faith Dr. Mohler.

More about the debate if it interests you:


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