Watching God's Provision Unfold

It has been amazing the past six months watching how God provides and stretches faith. In my life, seeking to plant a new church for a growing area, it is a God-send and yet a challenge to see my faith have to grow. There are days when you have to apply seriously the day has enough of its own concerns, and trust Jesus to work out the needs being met with church provision. The bigger the challenge, even with some unanswered "how" to get there questions, have resulted in bigger returns on what God is able to do in my understanding. It would be easy to sit back and watch others grow in this way, in a comfortable pew somewhere that no real promptings have to be dealt with, but getting into the action has forced me in ways I could not predict to wrestle with assurance of God's interest in seeing us grow, and get confirmation in this assurance of God's working, of how God is good and brings things at the perfect timing showing His wisdom.

There has also been a great boost to my awareness of how God uses many advisors to strengthen a person's successful working in an area. The lone ranger pastor idea seems so far from relevant, almost absurb now. Not just any advisors will do though. Every Joe and Jane has an opinion and would love to give you advice. That's not what I'm talking about. I mean talking to people who have been there in the thick of action, who have grown in their walk with Jesus Christ through things that take increased faith for the kingdom, and can share wisdom with you that is still smoking because its so hot off the press. It's been amazing to see how much more there is to learn from competent coaches in areas I thought I knew something about, or was unaware of the need for more. SO being stretched is a good thing when it comes to this thrill ride known as church planting. I just pray that God is greatly blessed and His name is honored among people who are His and grow in their love for Him through the work, or who are just getting to know Him for the first time. May it be in great measure for kingdom benefit! Soli Deo Gloria.


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