A Short Review: A Book You'll Actually Listen To.

A Book You'll Actually Listen To is a doctrinal book on audio cd that can be found at local Mardel or Lifeway Christian Stores. It is made up of four books covering On the Old Testament, Who is God, On the New Testament, and Church Leadership. Some parts rehearse standard evidential apologetics like the Who Is God section. However, it is a good reminder of some of those standard modern arguments. The Old and New sections are challenging for one personally and doctrinally. You'll find surprising insights after being bored a minute, then there is a nugget of gold. Perfect for driving. The Church Leadership chapter is almost entirely worth its time spent listening to it. It is relevant to the American church situation and biblical. It is also a testimony from Mark's own experiences as a pastor in Seattle. Overall, I would recommend it as a refresher, as a support or apologetic for the Old and New Testaments, and as a reminder of standard arguments for God. The Church Leadership section is useful for both lay persons and pastors who want to follow the Bible rather than a Corporation structure or Roberts Rules of Order. In our day, so many of the nice outwardly looking structures and worship services in American neighborhoods ignore the Bible's own information on church structure and leadership. Yet this book on audio gets past that and also has practical insights on not giving way to evil person's who try to divide the congregation either painting themselves as the "nice" ones or as they might attack certain people they don't like. A strong church leadership is the best way to side step ever having that problem get very far, though in Pastor Mark's church, when it was a plant (new church), they apparently learned this by experience at first, rather than foresight.



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