Christian Roots Not Enough ... May 2012

For the sake of political edge with his base, the President decided to endorse and support homosexual marriage.  Several articles pasted here cover his change from in 2008 saying marriage was a union between only a man and a woman, and even a sacred institution for him personally before God, to now saying it is just a set of rights between two people.;_ylt=A2KJ3CVFyqtPym4AhnjQtDMD

News agencies tended to believe (on their own part) that President Obama would switch from a God-driven or oriented view of marriage over to a relativistic view of marriage at some point.  Would it really happen though?  Now it seems the transformation is complete.  One thing that is obvious from this:  President Obama no longer is guided by his past principles from a church background.  He'll do what seems right to a certain portion of his voter out of peer pressure, even if a portion of the voter base disagree.  Proof of this may be his conversation with Jeremiah Wright, where he told his former pastor, the Rev. that his problem was he preached the truth and it would hurt his campaign if Wright did this.  See this article, from the New York Post:

The church can no longer endorse a moral principle turned upside down when the Bible is so clear on the matter.  It's not like Romney is a saint in handling Bible principles.  For instance, he's been a Mormon Bishop, which is a religion teaching things utterly contrary to worked-out Christian doctrine from the Church's (universal) earliest days in the 1st century as well as the Jewish heritage this comes from where it had been worked out as well.  There are other things that could equally be said regarding Romney's teachings.  This post is in no way an attempt to prop up Romney.  However, it is a cultural statement that our President is working to advocate the views that God says are signs a nation is under judgment -- rather than blessing (Romans chapter one).  In other words, he will re-narrate any teaching of truth, to try to make something off limits to seek after from the Bible's view, palatable to society at large. 

This issue will divide many by its nature in relation to God and the world, in a way that Jesus predicts / mentions a household is divided by beliefs about Him.  To help the church survive as we live in perilous times, we must avoid voting for things on issues that will come back to haunt us if we let them by:  the immoral teachings on aborting young children for the sake of a person's monetary gain or interest in raising children, and homosexual marriage being supported, and a lack of support for a Defense of Marriage Act in praxis.


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