The Church Is a Team

One of the most best things for Christ-followers is realizing a passage like I Corinthians chapter twelve records Paul teaching the ability of God's people to use their spiritual gifts to encourage others.  In our mutual faith in Jesus, practically, when we go to church we together are actually getting stronger.  If you bring that gift and I bring this other one, even the meeting up is a very gift of God to encourage, teach, show mercy, pray for, etc another!  This helps us to put aside the belief (a morally wrong one we all have at times in the Western tradition) that church attendance is optional.

As a group of people, every local church congregation is gifted of God in different ways.  God in His goodness plans for these individual gifts coming together to make a stronger community.  Why is that?  It is for His glory, so it's not even about us at the end of the day, but we benefit as a part of the good plan :). 

Here's what it looks like in real life:  If one person is out on a Sunday who is an encourager, because they get busy on that day, rather than on Saturday by choice, then the whole church is weaker in their area of spiritual gifting.  If ten Christian friends are out on a Sunday, say half of those people who love to show mercy, and half encouragers, then you can see an impact in a church's ability to help others.  Given the nature of spiritual warfare (ongoing), Satan will not lose the chance to bring that one person who he wants to frustrate that needs mercy or encouragement to worship that one week!

All of this is to say, we can be thankful God's Word reminds us in 1st Corinthians twelve that  whatever your gift is the impact is felt beyond the walls of the church.  1st Corinthians 12:7 says that a manifestation, a showing of the Holy Spirit, is given to each one in a church for the common good.  Are you making a difference where you go by attending and being involved, for the sake of God's kingdom and its spreading to touch lives?  Have you ever thought of your presence or absence directly helping or hurting your friends from church in their lives?  It does. 

It is God's plan for a people to build one another up in faith and love and good deeds, not for us to be isolated units cloistered at home watching hdtv, or replacing God-time with other good things that leave God's kingdom missing members.  This whole picture makes other Bible passages like Hebrews 10:25 (link to that verse) make a lot of sense, in a fuller way.  May the Lord bless you!

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