Jesus Higher Than What?

As we have been studying through Hebrews in our church messages, a common theme emerges for our time (chapters 1-2):  look into what it might be that is replacing faithfulness to Jesus, and look instead to Christ Jesus for fulfillment.  For the Jewish Christians Hebrews was intended to go to, they were in a time when (Colossians 2) Jews and many Romans too were tempted to worship angels.  How they did this is not expressly stated.  But we do know that attention and devotion and probably more than likely, refuge and deliverance in, angels was a real problem in the outlook in many's hearts and minds, Hebrews 1.  The author of Hebrews (whether it was Paul or Barnabas, etc) has a goal, it is to help people put Jesus back into the center of their attention and focus.  Probably today you and I are not tempted to directly worship angels as they were.  Even in the years before the 1st century AD, many Jews in the intertestamental period were involved with this wrongly directed worship, placing angels into heirarchies for deliverance of them from problems.  I wonder what long-term God replacements we have in our cultures here in the United States, or North America at large?  Is it possible that lust, greed, or pride in being right or the best have been an issue?  Is it certain family members we give deference to, find refuge in, and more to the detriment of our relationship with Jesus?  Is it a good idea even, like freedom, made into a wrong thing by our devotion and reverence of it?  These are all questions that could help us figure out today what is going on in the heart, and how to get back on track with Christ Jesus.

If you are at drift in your spiritual life, as the Hebrews were (chapter 2), then perhaps you have seen other things go by the wayside, like paying attention to the Bible (Hebrews 2:1) or attending corporate worship, aka church services, at a good Bible teaching church (Hebrews 10:25)?  These are good places to start, get connected with other believers and set up a Bible reading plan.  Pay attention to what God revealed for your life in what His Son spoke, and start afresh today.  Grace to you!


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