A Great Children's Resource for Your Family or Future Kiddos

Sometimes as a parent, when you get fed up with pop books being too bland, and God convicts you to lead well, you seek out those books that are a great fit to tell kids about Jesus.  Once your kids get to a certain age they love hearing stories and you can bring in God's wisdom from the Bible with this resource below.

There are shortened stories that summarize chapters of the Bible for young children in this.  It makes a good bed time read.

Available at Barnes and Noble by clicking here.

Here is the cover of this item:

Also, you might be looking for something useful for really young kids who are just starting to outgrow Duplo blocks, but also wish they could have Legos in advance.  There is a Lego Bible book we have that our four year old loves.  It is called The Brick Bible.  It is pictured below, and you can click here to get it at Barnes and Noble as well:

On the Brick Bible one, you will have to choose which stories you want to share, and there are detailed descriptions of what is going on.


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