...with Illiberty, Injustice for half the country... HGTV values

HGTV has some great programming.  I have really enjoyed watching it over the years.  True, the shows do get old sometimes, as they air repeats quite a bit, but as a young family house hunting from time to time, we have enjoyed it for ideas.  Sort of a tv version of Architectural Digest for ideas.  Recently I have had to cancel HGTV though.  It's not that I have no use for it. Actually I'd prefer to keep HGTV, but I cannot as an American or as a Christ follower.  HGTV has become intolerant of democratic values and also of Christ following values from the New Testament.

The issue for an audience at large is HGTV does not believe in democratic values.  They believe in selective justice.  The recent cancellation of a pair of brothers, who to me are no one, people I have never met personally nor know, is a real issue for true Americans and also true Christians.  This is why I have cancelled HGTV.  Democratic values include liberty and justice for all.

Recently, however, HGTV has taken the new trend which is to give liberty and justice only to certain subsets of American culture.  So they cancelled the show of David and Jason Benham.  These were not for on air or on the job comments.  The cancellation of a show was due to personal comments they made in their past.

Despite how I would not personally do or go where they have been in expressing their views, I have to support their right to free speech.  Any true American or true Christ follower should in my view do the same, and I recommend it.  By continuing to support HGTV, you are endorsing the removal of a pair of brothers with #1 a right as Americans to also have a personal life when they are off the clock.  One day when you are off the clock and speak to something you believe in, that millenia of human history's democratic valuing societies (not per se democracies though) has believed in, and then you lose your job for it, who will be there for you then?  Likewise, as a believer if you state that one sin or another should be repented of, and then you lose your job, who will be there for you?

The truth is a large minority of the USA is being put on notice, agree with us or your job will be lost.  This is reverse bigotry and reverse intolerance.  If you ignore it now, someday one of your opinions that is widely held may cause you to lose your job too.

You can start by letting HGTV know that you disagree with their cancellation of the Benham's tv show.

If they don't respond that they'll give liberty and justice for all and reinstate the Benham's then take your money elsewhere and cancel the HGTV channel, or drop cable altogether and go with internet tv which is better anyways.  You'll end up saving money anyhow in the switch to internet tv.

Why care about this?  Values matter.  Every person regardless of their religion or supposed irreligion has values.  In the US, values are supposed to be something we can discuss, hence the reason for the 1st amendment.  You shouldn't have to lose your job due to comments that nearly 50% of the US agrees with, which in itself is the very discrimination at work that supposedly tolerant employers are to avoid using on people.  In this case it is intolerance of their religion and HGTV can be sued for discrimination if they persist in going against employment laws.  Also as a believer, you want to provide for your family a living peaceably. Given that these Benham brothers seem to be expressing one small part of the gospel's total message, would you be comfortable for being fired in the future for believing part of the gospel of Jesus?  This makes clear you can be, unless you stand up and say that is not ok now, before it happens even more broadly.


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