The Lord is Mighty in Wisdom

When you think about your work, your family situation, or your relationships, it is best to remember that God's truth makes one blessed.  Sometimes we forget this and imagine our life outside of church as a big "neutral" zone where we just operate by the world's advice.  But consider this, when Solomon assumed the throne of a kingship after his father David in Israel, he asked God for wisdom to lead.  And God heard the prayer.   One of the wisest people in history, due to God's blessing, Solomon lead a large and diverse (including parts of modern Syria, Jordan, Iraq) country.

Recorded in 1st Kings the country thrived and had security due to godly wisdom in action.

And yet God's wisdom extended to the practical.  He had a wise set of friends, who were in different roles, so there was balance.  These were also advisers with different backgrounds.  We read in the Bible that he had 12 directors over national provision who operated in turn, so that no area was exhausted.  We find that he had rotation teams in building the Temple in Jerusalem as well.  So often we forget that God's wisdom gives great peace, honor, and hope.

Here's God's plan for you:  Take a moment to ask God today to give you wisdom to do His will, not the worldly thing, in your life.  Pray he gives you godly wisdom and then act on it instead of what you might initially think to do (or feel to do).


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