No Max Lucado, That Isn't Even Logical... reports that Christian pastor and author Max Lucado believes he had a dream where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump reach a 'truce' of some kind and do some kind of joint press conference in agreement.
You can read about it here.

A couple things about this.  First off, we should hold Max Lucado to it.  If he wants to make predictions about the future in US politics, and it does not come to pass, then he needs to be called on it.  Scripture takes a view that people who make false predictions are false believers (1st John 4, etc, etc, etc) and false prophets.  They are to be considered not worth listening to, 1st John 4:5-9.

Secondly, putting aside who is your favorite candidate for president of the US, their positions are far apart.  So much so that in each case, that they share little common ground.  In some areas, maybe we don't know what is God's will, in others it is very clear.  They do not see eye to eye on key issues.  So either one or both would have to abandon their positions.  This seems highly unlikely.

Thirdly, what good would that do us, what kind of truce would really 'benefit' America as he claims?  If they somehow came to some kind of truce as Pastor Max Lucado thinks, would that truce be a pro-life or a pro-death truce?  Would it be a a laissez-faire truce or a government managed economy truce?  Would it be a pro TPP truce, or an anti-TPP truce?

In summary I find such claims to a revelation unlikely to begin with in our time.  However, supposing doctrinally someone out there reading Max' statement agreed that prophecies are continuing.  Why would his wonderful dream be wonderful?  In all likelihood it would not be, any truce would compromise something important, rather than help point people to truth.  But time will tell.


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