Look to Jesus First

Dr. Paul D. Tripp, a Christian author counselor and teacher, shares a reminder we all need regularly:

"No human being is capable of carrying your hope; this side of heaven, we're all weak and flawed. No circumstance can carry your hope; every situation you're in is touched by the brokenness of the fall and isn't under your control. Amassing physical pleasures and possessions won't give you lasting hope; for all of their momentary enjoyment, they fill the senses but don't satisfy the heart."

As you ponder this, try to focus on placing your hope in Jesus, practically, in what you consider a blessing or success each day.  It is the calling of God on Israel when they are returning to the Promised Land after Exile to place their first priority of hope and comfort in the LORD, not themselves or their houses or properties, Haggai chapter one.  Where is your hope?


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