Reflections on 2020 - a strange year for many

       What should we make of 2020? It started out fairly normal. Now we get news that is shocking on a regular basis. It's in an environment like this that the Christian person needs to have an anchor for the soul. We need to make sure we are grounded in God's unchanging promises of His Word, which is power for us. There is power in God's Word and in the name of Jesus.

       We're told in 2nd Timothy 1:7 this great truth to reflect on and believe: "For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline." Paul while writing to his assistant and fellow Christian brother Timothy, called him back to basics. Paul was likely imprisoned in Rome at this time, and Timothy was facing internal hardships in the area he lived. Namely, many were no longer as friendly to the Christian witness or Christian meetings as they had previously been. It is in that environment where Timothy may get discouraged. Paul says don't go there. Resist that, because of who God is, and how He cares about you. The Lord never changes. He cares for you today.

       Do you do that, do you reflect on and let God's promises sink into your mind? I hope you will. Make 2nd Timothy 1:7 a promise you ponder and write down, put it somewhere you can see it regularly in your home.

       Despite this year being odd, tough, unexpected, and shocking, yet we can trust in the unchanging Savior, to get us through. God bless you.


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