God + one

       When you think about life in 2020, it may seem at times given the troubles of the world or cultural issues that you have no impact. Nothing could be further from the truth for a believer in Jesus Christ. While we must not minimize the church congregation, the body of Christ, we also must not underestimate what God can do through you. 

       Take the example of the prophet Elijah in the Bible. He was exhausted, beaten down by a hostile cultural situation, a nation that had turned from the Lord, and a spiritual battle between invisible forces in Israel at the time, Elijah was worn out. But the prophet was helped, and he talked to God, in a very honest, but helpful way. He went in prayer, he made the effort to talk. In that conversation, the Lord let Elijah know not only is He God, and He's at work, but to Elijah's surprise the prophet was not alone. Others were faithful in Israel too. Elijah is reequipped, encouraged, and sent forth in new strength. The Lord still uses people for good, even you and me.

      There's the example of Abraham. From a calling perspective, Abraham may have felt that it wouldn't matter if he moved from one place to another. Why go from this region, to that region? Yes God called him, but who is Abraham, just one man, he may have wondered to himself? Yet, God would do amazing things upon the trust Abraham had in Him. In our lives, there's no telling (although obviously situations are different and callings) what the Lord will do for those who love and fear Him (Romans 8 / Luke 1 Mary's Magnificat song / etc). The Lord still uses people for good, even you and me, even if we cannot see all of how or why in advance of the outcome.

      Take the example of Peter. Peter was one of the closest disciples of Jesus. He totally misunderstood who Jesus was for a season. He tried to start a fight in the Garden, but it was not Jesus' plan or will. Peter then denied Jesus three times, saying shamefully but boldly he never knew Jesus. Jesus told Peter he would do that, then Peter recalled it and wept over it. The other disciples his recent companions and friends had all fled and hid. His family back home may have thought him crazy for leaving a decent fishing business to be about the Lord's will. Peter was even threatened by both local leaders and then by religionists, Acts chapter four. All of this is a tall order to deal with in life. Many people would cave under the sense of being alone and having missed it. But God had a plan for Peter. The Son Jesus told Peter he was recommissioned, and loved him. Peter got his mind on what had been predicted about God's plan in Jesus, not his imagination of 'how it ought to be.' The Spirit of God empowered Peter. Peter came back full strength in the strength God provides. The Lord still uses people for good, even you and me. 

       Today if you are wondering, can God use you, are you strong enough, so forth, know for a fact, God can and does. If you love the Lord Jesus and trust in Him, the Lord is able to uses you for His good plan beyond what you can imagine, and beyond circumstances and culture. The Lord is still at work in you.


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