Islamic Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

It turns out that Mubarak being gone in Egypt is a problem for the US. While he had few friends, yet there was a sort of "status quo" that no one was happy with, but at the same time kept things sort of in check. The previously discouraged Muslim Brotherhood, which when I traveled there in Egypt before, was hindered from full actions and political tools, is now rising in new power, to a simple majority position. They are a radical form of Islam. That is a quick change of things given the long history over there with them being kept out of the political machinery in recent decades.

Who cares? In short, for Christians over there, it is going to be increasingly challenging as Muslim Brotherhood is not tolerant of Christians, and will want to impose the extra tradition driven restrictions and extra taxes on non-Muslims (like Christians and Jews) and a hundred other things in their pre-modern law. While this is not the most recent news, it doesn't take someone much brain power to see what is coming soon after they start to assert a different set of values:

More than likely, Egypt will go from one set of difficulties for Christians to en entirely other set of difficulties for Christians. This will factor into both safety visiting there and also Christian work there in the future by Egyptians.


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