Did Jesus Get Raised or Raise Self from the Dead?

A common misconception from a limited study of the New Testament is this:  Jesus either raised himself from the dead or he was raised from the dead by God the Father, not both.

In church before as a pastor I have heard this, when I deep dig a passage and bring out that in one case Jesus was raised from the dead (God does as in God the Father in NT lingo; Luke 9:22), that someone may have only heard the other side.

But we see both.

Passively raised up by another member of Christian Trinity verses:
Luke 9:22 God the Father.
Romans 8:11 God the Holy Spirit.

Actively raised self up from dead verses:
Luke 24:46; Acts 10:41; Acts 17:3

(Separate but also same verbal idea pt., Luke 16:31)

Be blessed in the context of Scripture friends!


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