Things to Be Reminded of or Learn from The Lord's Prayer dba Luke 11:1-4

When it comes to the Lord's Prayer, there are few things in Christian life people feel they know better, but maybe miss some key points on.

1.) The Lord's Prayer is a community prayer, or a prayer of an individual but who lives in community.  It is from Jesus' plural (you) and the several "us" remarks a prayer of someone who lives in Christian community.

2.) The Lord's Prayer is not a public prayer.  It is a disciples prayer.  Actual Christ following people.  It is not a generic prayer for Christendom.  I purposely avoid using, for instance, in a city council or commissioner's court prayer.

3.)  The Lord's Prayer is about kingdom provision.  When we say "give us our daily bread" God in His great love for you boldly invites us in to almost (but not quite perhaps) come as close to a extremely bold statement.  Old Abraham asked God "do not be angry, but what if" when pleading about Lot's city.  But The Lord's Prayer Jesus taught us with "give us" is an imperative verb.  It is still approaching a superior (God) so it is respectful, but very bold.  Many miss this.  The ask is for kingdom things though.  Every whim and expense we may wish may not be God's will.  We have to realize that God knows better than us what is best for us and He love us.  PtL.

4.)  The Lord's Prayer is designed to make God's renown or reputation our big focus.  If you think about it, Father, as a title is a family title.  God as our Father means we have a family lifestyle.  We are asking that, not a worldly family lifestyle.  The prayer both changes our focus and God uses the prayer to change us too in His power.  Life is better when God is the focus anyhow.

5.)  The Lord's Prayer is realistic.  We live in God's mercy and grace, amen?  That is surely the reality behind forgive us our sins and then leads us not in temptation.  The idea that we serve God, or even approach Him, in our own greatness is purely foreign to doing anything more than rote prayer of Luke 11:1-4, the prayer.  We must not set ourselves up inside, in our soul, for a mental, emotional and indeed spiritual fall, that comes by trusting in ourselves.  God's grace sustains us.

6.)  The Lord's Prayer is hope.  Hallowed be your name.  This is setting one's life apart to God.  He is about success stories and redeeming tough situations for His glory.  We can rejoice in this attitude of making it about Him.

7.)  The Lord's Prayer is daily.  Without getting all technical on you, there are verbs and words that indicate instead of worrying, we approach God daily, knowing we can handle praying about that interval and God sets that outline there.  Each day has enough of its troubles, aka don't worry.  God loves you.  Things will work out brother or sister in Jesus!

God bless.


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