United Methodist Denominational Changes

        For any of those keeping track for various reasons, the United Methodist Church has seen a lot of changes due to Covid and rule changes. Friends of mine who are in the UMC explained that a split was likely in 2020. However, once the lockdowns started impacting everyone the meetings were put off for a long-time. Now they are changing rules and anticipating long-distance voting on issues.

       A link to some of the info is here: https://religionnews.com/2021/03/22/united-methodist-bishops-cancel-virtual-special-session-of-general-conference/

       In general, it appears they are in a holding pattern, which might then impact their decision to stay united as a denomination or not, in theory. In such a polarized world, that may not be possible though. But the excess time the UMC has gained, could give perspective on some votes or issues. It certainly allows any renewal movement more time to think and ponder what God might have them to do. Much could happen between March 2021 changes and the General Conference in 2022, so we'll see. 


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